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DIA Philadelphia - June 26-30, Philadelphia, PA
SMi Allergies - July 5-7, London, England

“Next Generation”
Mobile Environmental Exposure Chambers

  • Validated mobile EECs provide consistent environmental controls in any global region reducing single center bias
  • Improved patient screening to ensure adequately symptomatic patients are enrolled
  • Gain access to the population required to meet jurisdictional agency drug or device approval

Latest News & Updates

Inflamax Research Expands to the EU in Strategic Alliance with the Vienna Challenge Chamber

Inflamax Research Inc., a full service contract research organization (CRO) specializing in allergy, asthma, and ocular research utilizing environmental exposure chamber technology, with facilities in North America, announced today that is has entered into a strategic alliance with the Vienna Challenge Chamber or VCC, located in Austria. This strategic alliance will allow the expansion of multicenter EEC studies across the globe. Inflamax announced in 2015 an alliance in Japan with InCROM to bring their mobile EEC, mEEC™ system, to Japan. The mEEC™ is a state of the art facility designed to expose patients to controlled levels of airborne allergen, similar to those experienced in their daily lives, while reducing the variability of results, and increasing patient compliance compared to...Read the whole story

Inflamax Research selected to join Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s trade mission to Israel

Inflamax Research Inc. is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming trade mission to Israel organized as part of a provincial governmental initiative by Premier Wynne. Inflamax Research will aid in establishing Ontario as a leading knowledge economy partner and investment destination by forging new global connections with innovation leaders.

“As one of the Ontario businesses invited to be part of the delegation, we are eager to forge new global partnerships with other top innovators in the life sciences field,” announced Dr. Piyush Patel, CEO of Inflamax Research.

Israel is a significant research and development hub in the global development of medications and devices and therefore forms a significant market potential for Inflamax Research, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) which specializes in innovative drug and device development for the treatment of disease. During the mission, Inflamax Research will...Read the whole story

First US Multi-Center Mobile EEC Study Fully Enrolled

Inflamax Research Inc., today announces the successful completion of patient enrollment in first US Phase II multi-center mEEC™ dose-ranging study with Grass MATAMPL immunotherapy for patients suffering from seasonal grass allergy (ClinicalTrials.gov NCT02582073) for Allergy Therapeutics

This is a landmark clinical study and is the first allergy immunotherapy study to utilize the mEEC™ in the United States. Inflamax’s unique and world leading technology was used to recruit and study patients in two separate locations in Neptune, New Jersey and Cincinnati, Ohio. The unique challenge in enrolling before the start of the tree season in the Northeast US was met with the deployment of Inflamax’s unique Online Central Recruiting Update Platform (OCRUP™). The data from this study will be instrumental in the launch of the Phase III program prior to end of 2016 utilizing Inflamax’s mEEC™ system in several locations within the United States. We also wish to thank the 20 investigator sites in Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

“Allergy trials rely on mother nature to produce consistent pollen concentrations to elicit adequate levels of symptoms in order to prove dose-response or efficacy. Unfortunately, climate change can lead to....Read the whole story

FinancialPost.com Article

Innovator displays habit of breaking new ground

In many ways, Dr. Piyush Patel, founder, CEO and medical director of Inflamax Research, a full-service clinical research organization, has come full circle. Patel built his first company, Allied Research International, into a world leader and Best Managed company in the clinical research space with 850 employees and operations in Toronto, Montreal, Miami and Delhi. He sold that company in 2007 and five years later he bought back the assets and launched Inflamax Research to continue the work coming out of the groundbreaking research model he had created at Allied Research.

That model is based on its unique environmental exposure chambers (EEC). A physician trained in allergy and respiratory diseases, he developed an innovative way to perform the studies necessary to develop vaccines for allergies and respiratory diseases. Clinical studies are undertaken in an EEC where allergens are dispersed at a level that ensures participants display symptoms. “Then we can look at how they respond to treatment,” says Patel. “It is controlled and far less variable than other models.” The result: better, faster, cheaper studies for clients that include the likes of the U.S. Department of Health’s National Institutes of Health as well as global biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Since launching in 2012, Inflamax has grown from 20 employees to 350 and revenues in 2015 grew about 80 per cent from 2014. That growth is expected to continue. In early 2015, it launched its mobile EEC — the first of its kind. The company has set up a subsidiary in New Jersey and plans to launch in Japan and Europe.

Link to article on FinancialPost.com

Positive Results from a Phase IIa Allergic Conjunctivitis Trial

Inflamax Research Announces Today Positive Results from the Phase IIa Allergic Conjunctivitis Trial Testing a Novel Aldehyde Trap from Aldeyra Therapeutics

The study was conducted at Inflamax’s Toronto, Canada site and involved the use of the Conjunctival Allergen Provocation Test (CAPT) in patients with moderate to severe seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. The single-site study successfully randomized 100 subjects and used Inflamax’s innovative electronic diary system (ePDAT™) and electronic (paperless) data capture system (QDAQ™). The trial demonstrated statistically significance differences (p<0.05) between the NS2 treated group and the vehicle control group in ocular itching and tearing. NS2 was well-tolerated with no safety concerns. No serious adverse events were reported, and 98% of patients completed the trial.

“We are pleased to announce these positive and exciting results for Aldeyra’s NS2 ophthalmic solution and are impressed with this compound’s efficacy in allergic conjunctivitis,” said Dr. Holly Lorentz, Manager of Ocular Research at Inflamax Research....Read Full Story

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